About Us

We welcome you into the fellowship of our church family, loving, learning, and living in harmony together, to develop people to spiritual maturity by empowering them to discover their personal Christian life mission in the world.

Redeemer Christian Church desires to do and teach just what the Bible says; consequently, we have a particular approach to Scripture.

We like to read and believe it as it is, with out imposing our own presuppositions onto the next. The basic issue for us is experiencing the Bible, not simply knowing it (that is, the bible is the menu that describes living, which is the real meal we ought to eat).

Therefore, we highly value expository teaching with an emphasis on being. Doing and experiencing the salvation of God in every area of our lives. We see church renewal as part of our mission. Gods love is radiated through the whole church, and we see ourselves as part of that whole.

Therefore, we must be lovers of the things of God’s plan for restoring the church to the end-time purposes of God. So our desire is to bring renewal to the whole body of Christ wherever He takes us in so doing, we will be continually renewed.

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